Friday, October 2, 2009

Secret Baker

Last night on Twitter, Tracey, Margaret and I were chatting about how fun it would be to bake for other bakers/bloggers, and receive baked goods in return. We're calling it Secret Baker, because you won't know who is baking for you until you receive the package! So fun! If you would like to take part, here are the details:

I will be hosting the first round, if you would like to get a surprise package in the mail (and send one in exchange, though not necessarily to the same person) email the following information to

- Your name
- Your shipping address
- Your email address
- Any food allergies, dietary restrictions, food aversions, etc...

The last day to join for round 1 is Monday, October 26th.

We will all ship out on Monday, November 2nd. It is important to ship out on this date so we can be sure the goodies will arrive before the weekend. The theme we have chosen for the first round is fall - easy, and so many possibilities!

All of the bakees will be chosen at random, and you will be contacted via email on October 27th with the name, address and dietary details of the person you'll be baking for.

We all read about each other's kitchen adventures, won't it be fun to get a taste?! Join us!


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