Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chocolate Amaretti Torte

Wow, this has been a chocolate-filled week! No complaints here... This Tuesdays with Dorie recipe - a baking group that I am not officially a member of, but I'm baking along with them anyway - was chosen by Holly of Phemomenon, and it is a winner! As the recipe states, it is very easy to make - the whole thing is done in a food processor, and only takes about 15 minutes. It is then baked and topped with a rich ganache (which is about half as thick as the torte itself!). As compared with my Brooklyn Brownout Cake, this one turned out beautifully, and I am not at all embarrassed to take a photo of the whole thing. This is ganache as it should be - shiny and smooth. This torte is rich, dense and has a lovely almond flavor that comes from the amaretti cookies and almonds that are part of the batter. You can find the recipe on Holly's blog. This dessert is so easy and delicious, it is great for any occasion - and so beautiful, anyone you serve it to will think it took hours! This one is a keeper for sure!


  1. very nice, it would be delicious

  2. Your torte looks amazing! I love the way you decorated it.

  3. Wow, your torte turned out so well! Keep your eye on the TWD group blog; Laurie tends to open up the membership on holidays, it seems. The numbers are well below 300 again, so if you do want to join, I'll bet another opportunity will come up.
    Great job!

  4. Wow, your torte turned out gorgeously. It has been a seriously chocolate filled few weeks...although, that's not a bad thing :) I really need to get out Dorie's book and make this torte after seeing your amazing pics!

  5. love how you decorated your torte!


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