Monday, April 13, 2009

Double Chocolate Brownies

This is a fabulous, super-chocolaty brownie recipe, courtesy of I made these for my Brooklyn Brownout Cake instead of the brownies in the Sweet Melissa book. I had made them before, and knew that I loved them - they are everything  brownie should be: dense and rich with a lovely flaky top. I waited a little too long to take photos so they dried out a bit - they are actually more fudgy than they appear to be. You can find the recipe here


  1. Mmm, these brownies look totally delicious. I've never tried Martha Stewart's recipe, but I can't wait! Oh, so the SMS brownies are super good--worth giving a try. I baked mine in an 8x8 and for only 40 minutes--they're SUPER fudgy and delicious!

  2. Will have to try the Martha recipe; these were very good.


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