Monday, June 29, 2009

TWD: Perfect Party Cupcakes

I just didn't have it in me to make a layer cake this week. Too much going on, plus I only have one 9- inch cake pan. So to simplify matters, I made cupcakes.

The cake is a white cake flavored with lemon extract. I used lemon juice instead, so it probably wasn't quite as lemony as it would have been with extract, but the lemon flavor was there. 

The only other change I made was the frosting. I made a simple buttercream of butter, powdered sugar and vanilla extract. It was delicious on the cupcakes.

Some TWDers mentioned that they had rising problems, but I didn't. Mine rose beautifully, and the result was a moist cake with a light lemony flavor and a tender crumb. This was a beautiful cake, and I look forward to making it on many occasions, layers and all!


  1. Cute cupcakes, the frosting looks so nice and fluffy!

  2. I think your cupcake look perfect!! Wonderful job.

  3. I love a powdered sugar buttercream; your cupcake is stunning!


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