Wednesday, July 8, 2009

BBA Challenge: Challah

The next bread we were supposed to make in the BBA Challenge was actually casatiello - an Italian bread containing salami and cheese. I'm a life-long vegetarian, so I was planning on tweaking the add-inns anyway, but I needed a bun to take to 4th of July dinner, and it didn't seem as appropriate as challah. So, I'm going out of order here, and I hope to make the casatiello sometime soon.

Back to the challah. This is something I've never made, and honestly, never eaten much of.

This bread was amazing. It made equally wonderful buns and loaf, and let me say that it makes spectacular French toast.

It was easy and fun to make, and I'm sure I'll make it again!

To the other BBA slow and steady bakers: I know I jumped a little ahead here, I just couldn't help myself!!! I'll get back in step with the next bread...


  1. Wow! This challah is gorgeous!

  2. This bread looks really good!! Although I've baked a lot of bread, I have never done a braided loaf....I need to do this soon!! Nice job!!
    Peace, Stephanie

  3. We're not very fussy about the pace, so whatever timing suits you is fine with me! I love your challah in both versions; I've eaten it since I was young and it will be interesting to bake my own. Btw, the casatiello made great buns too (I made them in muffin tins and will post on Sun or Mon) - I think they'd be amazing with sauteed wild mushrooms and cheese, and/or sundried tomatoes. Or really, the crumb is so nice you could skip the add-ins...


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