Sunday, July 5, 2009

SMS: Brown Sugar Vanilla Affogato

Affogato is one of my all time favorite desserts, and it is a wonder that it isn't served in more restaurants. Given the simplicity of it, perhaps the various pastry chefs feel that it doesn't showcase their talents enough... 

Affogato means "drowned in coffee" and is simply a scoop of ice cream with a shot of espresso poured over it. Heaven...

Not the easiest thing to photograph successfully - as you can see from the soupy mess above -but what it lacks in beauty, it more than makes up for in taste.

For Sweet Melissa Sundays this week, Karen of Karen's Cookies Cakes & More chose the brown sugar vanilla ice cream for all of us to make this week. 

Honestly, I wasn't excited. I've never been much of a vanilla ice cream person, and I put this off until the last possible minute. 

The recipe contains nonfat dry milk which is something I would normally skip if I saw it in a recipe - we drink raw milk fresh from the farm, so dehydrated dairy isn't really my cup of tea - but in the recipe notes, Melissa says that this is the secret ingredient. She states that it absorbs some of the moisture in the mixture and allows the ice cream to be extra creamy. 

I don't know if it was the dry milk, the 5 egg yolks or something else, but this was some of the most unbelievably creamy ice cream I have ever had. I even loved it on its own, which says a lot about how amazing it is. I think it would be a great base for all kinds of flavors.

I was going to post a few scoops of this creamy goodness naked in a bowl, when I noticed some coffee from breakfast still sitting in the French press, and I knew exactly what was to become of the ice cream.

Thanks to Karen for picking this surprisingly amazing recipe, please visit her blog for the recipe, and visit the SMS bakers page to see everyone else's yummy ice cream.


  1. Espresso over ice cream sounds really good and something I've never had!! I just did a post about Iced Coffee and am a huge coffee fan!! I like to use organic milk and wish I could find nonfat dry organic milk for the recipes that call for it.
    Peace, stephanie

  2. Thanks for making this with me this week. Coffee & ice cream mmmmmmm.... now that's something i'm definitely going to try next. Glad you liked the ice cream.

  3. I think the photo is great and very tempting. I really enjoyed this ice cream, too. Now, I've just gotta get my post up!

  4. Affogato - great idea!

    It seems like the milk powder really does make a difference - I'll have to use it next time.

  5. I'm glad you liked the ice cream, given that you don't like vanilla ice cream. I too thought it surpassed "the plain flavor of vanilla". I'm not a coffee person but I can imagine that affogato would be tasty; coffee + sugar + cream, all in one :o)

  6. Two of my favorites combined, I will definitely be trying affogato! I was a little bit suspicious about the dry milk too, but this ice cream was soo good that I'm curious how it would work in other flavors.

  7. Wow... I'm on caffeine overload with your Affogato. I'm a chocolate and coffee addict, so this sounds perfect! Great picture! :)

  8. nice job - my hubby would enjoy the affogato

  9. I love affogato. YUM. Your ice cream looks great.

  10. Ack! Now I'm really upset that my ice cream maker broke because this is exactly what I wanted to do with that ice cream (only with a brown sugar hot cocoa recipe I have). This looks just as good as I imagined!

  11. DH liked the ice cream on the Katherine brownies, with the fudge sauce....decadent!


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