Tuesday, July 7, 2009

TWD: Tribute to Katharine Hepburn Brownies

Now I can add "brownie lover" to the long list of why I love Katharine Hepburn, and "Katharine Hepburn" to the long list of why I love Dorie Greenspan.

These brownies will not replace Martha Stewart's double chocolate brownies as my very favorite, but they are right up there. 

The simplicity of the method alone is enough for me to make them over and over: you melt butter in a large sauce pan, then add cocoa powder, eggs, instant coffee, cinnamon, 1/4 cup of flour, chopped chocolate and nuts to the pot. Pour into pan and bake. Couldn't be easier.

Though Dorie says to bake them for only 30 minutes, I found that they needed an extra 10.

The brownies bake up into thin, dense, fudgy super chocolaty treats that have light undertones of cinnamon and coffee. 

They were especially delicious when enjoyed with brown sugar vanilla ice cream.

Thanks to Lisa of Surviving Oz for picking this week's recipe. She is not an official member of TWD, but she did win the logo design contest that was recently held by Laurie - the TWD founder - and getting to choose a recipe was her prize!


  1. Your brownies look so rich and decadent! I love that you paired it with ice cream. Perfect.

  2. Yum! They are cut so percect. Im sure they were the bomb with ice cream! Nice job!

  3. Your brownies look great! Nice picture. I loved these, too.

  4. Your brownies look wonderful. They were perfect with ice cream!

  5. great job - i haven't tried your favorite recipe yet

  6. I'm so glad that you enjoyed the brownies!

  7. Well, those look just stunningly lovely...great job, a more perfect looking brownie, I cannot think!

  8. Hmm, now I'm going to have to try Martha's recipe! I thought these were really good - and yours look amazing. I also like the Baked brownie and the Essence of Chocolate brownie - both good and fudgey.

  9. Great looking brownies. Look decadent.


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